Professional Disinfecting of New York is Not Your Average Cleaners

Commercial cleaning is more than just bleach in a bucket. As a matter of fact we do not use buckets, mops and brooms.

Our company does not provide janitorial service. Leave theat job to your existing janitor and super. 

There are safety protocols and standards to be met in order to ensure THAT PROFESSIONAL DISINFECTING jobs are done properly and thoroughly for the safety of anyone entering the site. All of our technicians are fully certified and trained to handle any environment, from hospitals to biohazard spills. For us, when it comes to health and safety, there is no room for error. 

Professional Disinfecting and Sanitizing

Our entire staff are OSHA  and HAZMAT Certified.

In addition, they are also educated to follow Center of Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines. 

Last but not least, we only use nontoxic and chemical free products approved by United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Green and Organic Cleaning

In an effort to limit damage to the environment, we have all of our technicians certified by the Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) in the latest methods and products of green cleaning.


 All of our staff are trained and certified


       No HazMat job is Too big or small                         Because we handle it all


  We have weekly meetings with all of   our technicians to provide updates 


            We take pride at what we do


                   We love what we do 


    We only use EPA registered material


                      All of our products 

          Are proudly made in the USA


               Some of our technicians 

                  Are NADCA Certified 


     Continuing Education is  Important


As a son of a Military Member,

It gives us the joy to offer Discounts 


                     Give us a 1% chance  

           and we will earn 99% our self